Friday, January 30, 2015

World Bird Sanctuary

We went to the World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis a few weeks ago. It was free, and fun, and I'd recommend it.

The kids love these things:

But then they literally ran laps around this loop for no apparent reason. Whoot! I said. Keep going! You see that Sam is right there with them.

James the bald eagle:

Friends holding hands in the parking lot:

There were cranes (my favorite), several eagles, various hawks, turkeys, chickens, homing pigeons, and I don't even know what else. Then we stumbled upon a training session for this bird. There was also an armadillo and a tarantula in the room because ...? I don't know, but they were neat.

Sally was the one who suggested we go, and then was a good sport about our schedule ... and then she cooked dinner for us :) I need to drum up something fun/free to do in Como to repay the favor.

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