Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I couldn't find a picture of Amelie's first dentist appointment to link up!

James had his first dentist appointment yesterday. He was a champ! The doctor didn't notice any problems, though he did say that James has 4 more molars to go. He hasn't been bothered by teeth yet, so hopefully those are no exception.

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  1. Taking James to his first dental trip, even though he had no issues with his teeth, was a wise idea. It'll help him get familiar with the dentist, so he won't be nervous or frightened on the next trip, when the dentist actually needs to perform more than a checkup on his teeth. At any rate, he did a lovely job on this first one. Anyway, I hope you'll be able to find Amelie's photos soon. Keep us posted!

    Milton Wilson @ A+ Family Dentistry