Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Swim Lessons

Amelie and James had their first swim lessons of the summer last Saturday. Here is Amelie posing in her new swimsuit from Grandma Mary.

She was very impressed with it.

This year's classes are at the ARC, which I like better than the ones at Hickman (they keep the water at the ARC warmed to about 88 degrees, versus 82-83 for swimming competitions).

There are 4 kids in James's beginner class, but the others aren't big fans of the water. I think they may just hang out on the steps most of the time, but James is cool with it.

Blowing bubbles:


James was closer, so I could take more pictures of him :)

James looks very concerned about something here.

And, as a bonus, I found some never-before-posted pictures from Amelie's regular lessons at the ARC (she'd done the baby swim, but this is the first time she had class without a parent in there with her) from way back when I was pregnant with James.

Two and a half years old.