Sunday, September 28, 2014

Superhero Sunday

Today was Superhero Sunday at church. September's theme has been "courage" and this was the intergenerational service (that means the kids are all upstairs for the whole thing, versus going down to class -- James is A-OK with that). We had fun last night getting the costumes together.

I asked Amelie what her superpower was, and she said that she could fly.

James walked around proclaiming "Mine cape."

We got there early so Sam could practice with the choir, so the kids and I took these pictures and hung out.

There was a play as part of the service, and James was frightened when the supervillain "The Extinguisher" kidnapped "The Flame." (Then we sung "This Little Light of Mine.")

Afterward, we tried for a family photo.

Amelie (unprompted) loaned her cape to a girl who hadn't worn a costume, and my heart swelled three sizes.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

More Neighborhood Park

We walked down to the neighborhood park and hung out for a while. Most of these are blurry, but I'm sharing them anyway. I'm actually not 100% sure what Sam and the kids are doing here. 

Amelie was trying to toss things (like sticks and grass) in the basketball hoop.

I thought it was cool enough to forgo bug spray, but they got a few bites. It's getting dark so early (and we eat so early) that we really have to book it down to the park for them to get to spend any time outside after James is up from his nap & Sam's home.

Now James tries to toss a tree pod up to the basket.

More sticks!

This one's my favorite:

Monday, September 22, 2014

Nana Jana

Nana Jana came to visit and we had a fun-filled weekend.

 We went to Burger King because the kids had never been there & they have a giant play structure. James was apparently happier about the giant play structure than he was the french fries.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Heritage Fest

We took the kids out to the Heritage Festival at Nifong Park yesterday. Our good friend Shauna took Amelie for the day when I was in the hospital with James and they went to the Heritage Fest, but Sam and I (and James, of course) had never been before.

James's favorite part might actually have been the shuttle ride over. He's a huge fan of riding the city bus as well.

Sam could still do the stilts.

 I don't wear James terribly often anymore, but he still fits okay in the Ergo and enjoys riding on my back.

Amelie successfully campaigned for cotton candy. I gave her the money and let her order it from the food truck, and when the woman asked what she wanted, she shouted, "Pink!"

James had some, too. I'm pretty sure he learned the word "candy" at daycare on Friday. He said, "Mo can-nee now ... mo pink."

And then we took a hayride.

We were just there three hours or maybe a little under, but it wore everyone out and so we came home and took a nap.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Guess Who's Two?

If you can't guess, you  haven't been following the blog very closely.

Continuing with the James-centric posts, James turned TWO! We had a small party Sunday with Nana Jana and Aunt Holly and JC.

Holly and JC brought balloons!

Dada made quesadillas.

Would you just look at this glow-stick!?

Are those markers?! Yes! 

Amelie enjoyed the markers and notebooks, too.

The kids had dueling music-playing cards for a bit. Thank you to Aunt Helen and Grandma Doris for the cards!

 Yay! Music-playing card!

And then ...

He enjoyed a few trips around the house courtesy of Nana Jana. Thank you!

With a balloon, of course.

Then we had cupcakes.

 He looked just a little suspicious at first, trying out the frosting and sprinkles.

So we took a wagon ride. (This is the lion jacket from Aunt Tara that still fits :)

Thursday, September 18, 2014


We've had a slew of photos of James lately (and there are more to come) in part because of the milestone 2nd birthday but also because Amelie's been saying "No more pictures ever in my life."

She let me snap one today and then the second was a sneak attack.

She's watching Wild Kratts on the kindle (and has yet another rip in the knee of her pants).

Thanks to Grandma Mary for the top!