Sunday, September 28, 2014

Superhero Sunday

Today was Superhero Sunday at church. September's theme has been "courage" and this was the intergenerational service (that means the kids are all upstairs for the whole thing, versus going down to class -- James is A-OK with that). We had fun last night getting the costumes together.

I asked Amelie what her superpower was, and she said that she could fly.

James walked around proclaiming "Mine cape."

We got there early so Sam could practice with the choir, so the kids and I took these pictures and hung out.

There was a play as part of the service, and James was frightened when the supervillain "The Extinguisher" kidnapped "The Flame." (Then we sung "This Little Light of Mine.")

Afterward, we tried for a family photo.

Amelie (unprompted) loaned her cape to a girl who hadn't worn a costume, and my heart swelled three sizes.

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  1. Fabulous costumes! You're so good at that. I love how well this church is working out. Costumes! You can't lose there.