Saturday, September 20, 2014

Guess Who's Two?

If you can't guess, you  haven't been following the blog very closely.

Continuing with the James-centric posts, James turned TWO! We had a small party Sunday with Nana Jana and Aunt Holly and JC.

Holly and JC brought balloons!

Dada made quesadillas.

Would you just look at this glow-stick!?

Are those markers?! Yes! 

Amelie enjoyed the markers and notebooks, too.

The kids had dueling music-playing cards for a bit. Thank you to Aunt Helen and Grandma Doris for the cards!

 Yay! Music-playing card!

And then ...

He enjoyed a few trips around the house courtesy of Nana Jana. Thank you!

With a balloon, of course.

Then we had cupcakes.

 He looked just a little suspicious at first, trying out the frosting and sprinkles.

So we took a wagon ride. (This is the lion jacket from Aunt Tara that still fits :)

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