Monday, April 24, 2017

Bowl Game Video

There are several variations on the bowl game:

See, Aunt Holly, we're already getting some use out of those baby plates :P

Friday, April 21, 2017

Happy Easter!

The Buffaloes hosted Easter as usual. (It's tradition! It was rainy last year, too.) It was pretty cool and rainy, so I didn't want to put Leah in a sun dress, but the bunny ears are pretty darn festive. Thank you to Grandma Mary for the sleeper (and also the sleeper in the costume change later).

Leah was sleeping or eating the whole time we were there:

 I think she's complaining to Grandpa.

We were not successful in getting a picture of all three kids together back at our house, either.

James at least was wearing appropriate shoes for the weather:

The big kids did the Easter egg hunt outside. I think James came in last, but we're stinking communists and the eggs were re-distributed so that he got a few more in his basket at the end.


And then this picture is from church (I'm posting late and out of order :)

Big girls!
Thank you Aunt Barb for taking photos while I was occupied! Happy Easter, all!

Saturday, April 15, 2017


I made this blanket when I was pregnant with Amelie.

Grandma Doris didn't like these pictures because she was frowny!

When I was a kid, someone brought a baby to church and its eyes were all scrunched up like this and I asked when babies opened their eyes (like kittens or puppies, I guess). Ha!

And then this delightful blanket came in the mail from our friend Caitlin. A whole herd of buffaloes!

 Leah doesn't seem to mind tummy time.

I call it "practice crawling" - just look at her head control.

Funny face - one month old.

Onesie courtesy of our friend Cabell. It says "Daddy's peanut," which seems appropriate.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

1st Month

Leah turned 1 month old (two days ago!) I started this post 3 days ago, but haven't had a minute to finish it. I can't believe I'm saying this, since she's so calm and Amelie was colicky, but Leah is for sure my hardest newborn. Things are getting bit easier now that she's a whole month old. She's gained weight well over the last week, though we've mostly been bottle-feeding. I sure wish she would nurse.

This is her in her super snazzy coming-home-from-the hospital outfit at 1 day old, using the trusty pink co-sleeper. I think Leah is the 7th baby to use it - all the Buffaloe cousins except Benny took a turn, plus two of my neighbors and the original owner I bought it from 7 years ago!

James is just smitten. He asks to hold the baby frequently. He's also itching to give her a bottle, but she's particular about it, so I don't know when that will be.

So exited!

On the way to the doctor for a follow-up the day after we discharged from the hospital. She got her hand up to her mouth, but it was covered in this pesky mitten. We have been to the doctor 13 times since she's been born - several of those were just nurse visits for weight checks, but thanks to my friend Jennifer, we now have the loan of a baby scale. She's also been to church once and my small group with me once, and to pick James up from pre-school. Amelie started riding the bus home and she enjoys it - she came in the first day and said she made a friend, but she didn't know her name yet.

James holding the baby again.
 So proud!

 4 days old:

First bath at exactly 1 week. She lost her umbilical cord (and therefore had a real bath) much earlier than the other 2 kids.

One week:

Siblings (and a messy bedroom):

We were finger feeding the tiny peanut baby for about a week. She didn't regain her birthweight until she was 3 weeks old. Nana Jana has told us all several times that it took me a while to regain my birthweight, too. Sam demonstrates his technique:

Amelie's turn to hold the baby:

Leah and Sam and I were home together for the first 2 weeks, then Sam went back to work and the kids went on Spring Break, so Nana Jana took off work and joined us.

It snowed (bizarrely) the day Leah was born, and then it was rainy her first several weeks, but it's turned nice now.
James likes to speak to her in a baby voice - and pretend to say things for her in a baby voice - and walk by and poke her in the ear.

And Grandma Mary's turn, too:
 2 weeks and a grumpy monkey. She had her tongue and lip ties corrected at exactly 2 weeks old. We went to the specialist in St. Louis because she uses a laser and I'm ridiculous. Leah has met her health insurance deductible.

I took these at 3 weeks while I was texting with my friend Caitlin - she says it looks like Leah thinks I just said something funny :)

She's 7 pounds 10 ounces now, which is almost a pound more than when she was born - and a whole pound less than my cousin's baby when he was born on Tuesday!

I'm sure Sam and Nana Jana have some pictures on their phones that I could post, too.