Sunday, February 19, 2017

Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

My cousin Darri got married to her sweetheart Charlie. They asked Amelie and James to be in the wedding - a big first for the Buffaloes!

Here's Amelie getting ready with curlers.

James has naturally curly hair :)

Aunt Lana said she'd give the kids a prize for behaving during the wedding. James said, "I know what it is!" And when we asked what it would be, he very confidently declared, "A sword!" And it just so happens that Aunt Lana did have a sword (leftover from a daycare costume) that he could have. What luck! He's also gotten a lot of use out of the memory game - he's talked someone into playing it with him nearly every day.

So dapper!

Amelie was very interested in the other church's nursery.

There's the wedding party! You notice that Amelie is waving and James is frowning. They were overawed with the whole process - until they got comfortable and there was some whispering and sitting on the edge of the platform on the part of the flower girls.  

I forgot to say that James really did get to carry a ring! I thought the pillow was all for show, but it turns out the rings were left in the room where they were getting ready and James ended up carrying it to the best man. Glad to provide some comic relief, as always :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Amelie is now missing both of her top front teeth. She can still eat an apple.

Ridiculous bow courtesy of Aunt Holly. When I asked if she wanted a bow, she said that she is "really into fashion." Okay then!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Why Hotels Are So Much Fun

The kids love staying at a hotel - where all bets are off, and there's swimming, TV, and occasionally flipping on the bed. Case in point:

I don't know why this half-wall was right up against the bed.