Sunday, July 8, 2018


The Buffaloe family spent the last week near Potosi, Missouri at the YMCA Trout Lodge. We went to MUUSA, which stands for "Midwest Unitarian Universalist Summer Assembly."

We stopped at a Mexican restaurant just outside of Linn, Missouri on the way down. Amelie is showing off her cast for her broken wrist (which unfortunately meant she couldn't swim in the lake).

Amelie did get stand on a turtle sculpture, though. She also got to sit under numerous trees, which is a favorite activity of hers.

We all took a boat ride around the lake. It was called a "boat float" because they gave us root beer floats beforehand.

The kids are standing in a loft area overlooking the dining hall. The lodge served three semi-healthy buffet meals a day.

Amelie and Sam took a kayak out for a ride. One of those balconies on the top floor of the lodge that can be seen in the first photo was ours.

We enjoyed taking a few selfies from our balcony.

James got to swim in the lake at least 8 times. He enjoyed splashing around in the water and going down the water slide. Amelie made numerous sand castles and tried catching fish in a bucket (and claims to have been successful twice).

Amelie and James enjoyed getting candy a couple of times from a store at the lodge. James is concentrating here on a sour straw.

Amelie made a good friend in her class named Wesley (the one with the hat). He came all the way from Utah to attend the camp.

On our last day there, Amelie and James got to race remote control cars around a dirt track.

James is walking down a ramp in front of the arts and craft center. We painted numerous ceramic animals there.

One of the highlights of the camp was getting to take various workshops. The kids were in their own classes during the day, and Leah was in the nursery. Each morning, Crystal got to take a tai chi class, while Sam got to take a class on making mandalas and painting wooden pallets. Sam made this wooden pallet to put on the play house.

Sam and Crystal also took an acrylic paint class together. Crystal made one abstract painting using ink on yupo paper.

She made another painting using acrylics and fiber paste for added texture.

Crystal also painted a picture of the apple tree outside of our house.

Here's the original picture for comparison.

Sam painted a bridge from our neighborhood park.

Here's the original for his painting.

We didn't always have a camera with us, so many of our best memories weren't captured on film. Some highlights include Sam playing a well-received drum solo on his new slap-top cajon at one of the nightly coffee houses, Crystal and Amelie learning a Sufi dance, the kids attending a nightly reading of a Harry Potter chapter, and the kids drawing about a hundred pictures in our two-story hotel room.

Overall, the kids had a great time, and they've asked to go back next year (when hopefully Amelie can do some actual swimming).

Friday, June 15, 2018


Leah was toddling around our dining room while Amelie and I were in the kitchen. I think she may have tried to get her foot up on the rung of one of dining room chairs, or she may have just crashed into the chair, but she bonked her forehead and had a deep cut right by her eyebrow. I rushed her over to urgent care, and she got 3 stitches.

This is what it looks like today, though - exactly 1 week later. I guess that’s baby skin / healing - it looks great!

Here she is in the doctor's office waiting to be seen on Friday. She calmed right down when we got in the car and I was hoping they could just close it with a butterfly or the glue, but I guess it was gaping a little. 

This is what it looked like on Saturday, the morning after she got the stitches:  


(This post is about 2 months old!) Holly and Leah and I all went down to the bootheel over Easter weekend. Conveniently, there were many toys for Leah to play with when we visited Grandma Doris as she was recovering.

There was also a curtain and a doting aunt Holly to play with: 

Sam didn't take quite as many photos. He sent me this one of Amelie and James are hopping like bunnies for Easter. (I'm not really one to talk since we spent the night with my Uncle Jeff and didn't take any photos at all!)

Thursday, June 14, 2018


I think I mentioned that Amelie got several books for her birthday. All the kids are enjoying them :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Sleepover / Art in the Park

Last weekend, Amelie had her very first non-family sleepover. I took a picture when I dropped her off. She did great and had so much fun.

Then we all accidentally went to Art in the Park. There was an excellent puppet show of Stellaluna. 

James can climb up the big rock: 

And Leah  showed off her strawberry shoes: 

And swinging ability:

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Kid Artwork

Leah absolutely loves to draw on paper (and herself) but so far they're all just scribbles (she's only 14 months, after all!)

James is our big artist and he wanted me to upload some of his recent pictures:

Updated: James drew this one today specifically for me to add to this post. 

"Look how it's growing," he said :) James drew two of these - one for me and one for Sam.

Here's an alicorn (a unicorn with wings) that Amelie drew - it's a little harder to see with the white background, but I think we must have recycled a lot of hers recently (and then she didn't want to draw more specifically for this post! ha! maybe if she creates some soon, I'll just add to the post.)

Updated: Amelie did draw some pictures just now for me to add! You may recognize these characters from the Dog Man books (which were her birthday present from us and included how-to-draw-the-characters tutorials in the back). 

Here's a link to some artwork from about 18 months ago for comparison. You can really see how much they've both improved.