Friday, October 28, 2016

Big Annoucement

We have big news!

Here's a foot. It was really neat to be able to feel the baby kicking and see a leg moving on the ultrasound screen.

This one's a little blurrier than the first one, but you can clearly see a foot up by the baby's nose. He or she was all curled up for most of the appointment, so we were there for a long time while the ultrasound tech had me lie on one side and then the other and then she poked my belly with the wand to try to get the baby to move into a better position so she could see all of the things she needed to. When she was looking down around the groin area, she told us to close our eyes, which I thought was funny, since we'd like the sex of the baby to be a surprise.

I'm 20 weeks, due March 15th with Baby Buffaloe #3. This bean weighs about 12 ounces.

Amelie is Very Excited about the prospect of a new baby, which I thought was funny, since she was jealous of James, and of the two of them, she's the one who knows (more of) what they're getting into. James was excited when we told them, but he's mostly forgotten about it, I think.

Monday, October 24, 2016


A firefighter came out to preschool. (James used to call them "fighterfighters")

Look, you can see James between the girls in the pink and green coats. He's smiling so big!

James says they got to go in the fire truck, and they turned the sirens on. James was impressed with all of the firefighter's clothes and mask when he put them on.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

School Pictures

Amelie took school pictures, and they did them at the preschool James goes to as well.

First grade, 6 years old:

Preschool, 4 years old:

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Caramel Apple Slices

Sam made caramel apple slices with the kids (and then I ate some):
Right after I took the picture, our power went out for over an hour, and the kids loved it. We went for a walk around the neighborhood and several of the neighbors were outside, too. Then we came home and lit candles and looked for batteries for the flashlights.

We realized that next time, we need to wait a little longer for the caramel to set up before putting it on the slices. Sprinkles optional.

Amelie's looking over my shoulder as I write this, and so far she's asked: "Are you putting this on facebook?" "Our family blog?" "Are you telling a story ?" "How do you type so fast?" "Are you writing how to make them?" "Why are you putting a bunch of question marks?"

Friday, October 7, 2016


I took this video of Amelie and am uploading it without listening to the sound, so I hope it's not too embarrassing:

Saturday, October 1, 2016


We went to a birthday party today, and I was asked three times if the kids get along (maybe blog interviews have led you to believe otherwise!) I caught this one just a minute ago: