Friday, September 30, 2011

Laywer Dad

Sam was sworn in to the Missouri Bar on Monday.

Amelie and I rode down to Jefferson City with Grandma and Grandpa Buffaloe to see the ceremony (well, actually we waited in the hallway)and to check out Dada's office.

There was much carting around of the baby. First Grandma held Amelie.

Then Grandpa carried Amelie.

Then Mama wore Amelie in the carrier.
Congratulations, Dada!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Amelie's hair is getting long enough to get in her eyes. I really don't want to cut it just yet, so we hatched a plan.


Two hairbrushes are clearly better than one.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Too Darn Cute

Just when you think Amelie couldn't get any cuter ...

She does.

Surely babycakes isn't sucking on her thumb?


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby Cage

Amelie has a great fascination for the dog crate at my friend Shauna’s house. She put herself in this situation, as you can maybe tell by the grin on her face.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Amelie's doing really well at daycare. She's never cried as I've left and she's a big hit with the other kids, who are all a little older than she is. Naptime is a bit harder of an adjustment, though.

I brought home one of the cots they use at nap so we can practice with it a little bit, so this is where Amelie slept this afternoon:

Bootheel Trip

Chatting with Great-grandma Doris.

Amelie warmed up to Kendra at the last minute.

And Nana Jana was just the coolest thing since sliced bread.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sick Baby

Amelie's home sick with hand, foot, and mouth disease. She's got red bumps on her hands, feet, and mouth ... and her legs and all around her diaper.

Here's that sick baby ...

It's not very dangerous, but it is very contageous and Amelie needs a little extra attention, so she'll stay home from daycare with Dada tomorrow.

We missed out on story time today, but we both got some fresh air on a walk.

Amelie had a peach smoothie, a popcicle, some half-frozen blueberries, lots of grapes, yogurt, and her much-beloved noodles today -- soft and cool food is supposed to be a little easier on the sores around her mouth.

Poor thing! We hope she feels better very soon!


Here are a few pictures from Labor Day weekend. We didn't do anything special -- just bummed around the house and in the backyard.

All of these are back lit.

When Sam saw Amelie, he said "What is she wearing?"

Here you can see the bug bite on her face -- little did we know that it was the first of many, many bumps to appear later on this holiday weekend.

So very proud that she could climb up on the cooler.

She's number one!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Catch-up Post

I accidentally deleted some photos before putting them on the computer. (Darn it!) So here are just a few catch-up photos from the last time I remembered to save them.

One day, Aunt Holly and Oli came over to visit. Amelie likes Oli because he is a nice baby-sized dog and she can catch him sometimes.

Another time, Amelie fell asleep in the car on the way to Shauna's house. Ezra didn't mind loaning out his crib so that she could finish off her nap. (Their big dog came by and licked the bare foot sticking out, and she still didn't wake up!)

When she finally came to, she was pretty sure the baby Ezra wanted his pacifier.

And then when we spent some time with her cousin, Amelie managed to co-op the blanket we'd laid out for Ellie and all of the toys. Ellie was a good sport about it, but she does look appropriately miffed.

Hey there!

First Day of Daycare

On Monday, Amelie and I spent about an hour and a half at the daycare she'll go to on Tuesdays and Thursdays while I'm teaching class. She spent some time running around excitedly looking at all of the new stuff and went outside to play with the other kids. She'll be the youngest one there, and the other kids seemed really interested in her and very eager to help. (Of course, Amelie was stubbornly independent and didn't want to hold any hands or any help getting from point A to point B.) She did really like being pushed on a riding toy, and she even tried to get off and push a two and a half year old, but I think she was mostly walking it along without much help from Amelie. She had a meltdown when it was time to come back inside and we decided it might be better to come for a half day on Tuesday before starting full-time.

My good friend Shauna watched Amelie Tuesday morning and then on my short lunch break I picked her up and took her to the daycare. When we arrived, there was a note on the door saying everyone was at the park for a picnic. I carried Amelie (who'd fallen asleep in the car) the short distance to the park and finally we located the three other girls and Ms. Linda. I couldn't see them, but I heard children's voices shouting "Amelie! Amelie! We were waiting on you!" and I found them all sitting inside at the top of the playground equipment having a picnic. I sat with them for about 10 minutes and then rushed back to work. Amelie wasn't upset at all when I left and was happy and playing when I picked her up (and wet from splashing in the water table).

On Thursday, it was time to see how she'd do for the whole day. I dropped her off at 9:00am. She had already eaten breakfast with me at home, but she ate a big second breakfast with the other kids, too. She danced all around and wasn't upset when I left at all, though Ms. Linda said she did start crying at 10:30 so she put her down for a nap. When I picked her up, she was covered in different colored markers and ran to me happily. I think she's doing just great!

I meant to take a picture of her with Ms. Linda, but I forgot, so here's one of Amelie outside of our house on Tuesday morning:

15-month Doctor's Visit

Amelie had her 15-month well-baby doctor's visit today. Here are those vital statistics:

Weight 19 pounds, 11 ounces (7th percentile)
Height 2 feet, 5 inches (10th percentile)
Head Circumference 46 centimeters (50th percentile)

It looks like she's gained a pound since our last appointment (at 13 months) and she still has a giant, genius-sized head.

Here's a picture from this morning: