Saturday, April 30, 2011

One More Lunch Post

This one's my favorite, even though you can't read the t-shirt very well:

Truth in advertising: This is Amelie's 4th (not 1st) Cardinals' Tee.

(Here's the first one.)

"I'm not going to eat anything until you put down the camera."

More truth in advertising: Cucumbers, Chicken, Apples, Cantaloupe

Happy Easter

It was a rainy Easter Sunday, but we took a few quick pictures before dinner.

Aunt Lana got Amelie a pink bunny Easter basket. It's just the right size.

I think Amelie was thinking about mashed potatoes instead of looking at the camera.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Well, it's certainly not 8 steps in a row (which we now know she is capable of), but I finally got a couple on video!

No Theme

These pictures have no particular theme, but I'm posting them anyway in an attempt to get caught back up with the lady baby updates.

She's making a break for it with Mama's car keys.

It's getting hard to take a picture without her grabbing for the camera. "Cheese!"

Amelie's new favorite activity is looking out the front door.

She's stubbornly protective of her two bottom teeth (her only two teeth so far) and will only let a few people see them on very rare occasions, much less consent to a photograph. Here you can kind of get the barest glimpse of white.

And, I suppose it's safe to say she's persistent about a lot of things. "I will figure this out!"

Borrowed Pictures

Better late than never, hm?

Here are a few borrowed pictures of Grandma Mary Beth's most recent trip to Missouri.

Silly face

Silly Mama

Now that's a red-headed baby!

Bonus pictures of Amelie with her grandma and her cousin Ellie

She looks so concerned (though the clasped hands may be an act). "What's wrong?"

All better!

Some Stories

Story 1: When Sam was brushing Amelie's hair the other day, she stopped, looked offended, and then immediately messed it back up again -- rubbing her head with her hand. To top it all off, then she took the hairbrush away and proceeded to brush her own hair.

Story 2: Yesterday, she was crawling around the house and from the living room I hear the toilet flush. Usually the bathroom door is supposed to be closed, but I guess for a period of time yesterday it was not, and she cruised right around and tried out the handle on the commode.

Story 3: She's started dancing around by wiggling her body to music. It's hilarious and we really need a video.

Story 4: Speaking of videos, just now, only moments ago, Amelie was standing up next to the sliding glass door (one of her favorite spots). I thought, "I should really take a picture of this," and before I could go get the camera, she turned around and stepped toward me! She took 8 steps in a row!

Story 5: She still hasn't said "Mama." Right now, her favorite noise is "Blub, Blup," which seems to me to be more difficult than "Mama," but what do I know?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Regular Crawling

It was brought to my attention that though Amelie started regular cross-motor crawling (and not just army crawling), there was no accompanying blog post.

So here's a video from this weekend of Amelie crawling-crawling at the hotel where the International Caesarian Awareness Network conference was held. She was very good listening to the speakers and attending the panels with Mama (and it helped that she was in the sling almost the whole time).

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Amelie took 4 steps (in a row) at her Great-grandma's!

She also demonstrated that she could crawl up the stairs.

School Spirit

Amelie, Nana Jana, and Cousin Darri root for the Bernie boys (well, mostly Cousin Cameron) during the all-conference basketball game.

She wasn't too keen on the blue headband.

Amelie Makes a Friend

Since Sam and I share childcare responsibility, Amelie doesn't get to really play with other babies very often. Her cousin Ellie is just a little to young to play, though she sure looks cute. Thirteen-month-old Remington is quite the gentleman, however.

Aren't spoons fascinating?