Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some Stories

Story 1: When Sam was brushing Amelie's hair the other day, she stopped, looked offended, and then immediately messed it back up again -- rubbing her head with her hand. To top it all off, then she took the hairbrush away and proceeded to brush her own hair.

Story 2: Yesterday, she was crawling around the house and from the living room I hear the toilet flush. Usually the bathroom door is supposed to be closed, but I guess for a period of time yesterday it was not, and she cruised right around and tried out the handle on the commode.

Story 3: She's started dancing around by wiggling her body to music. It's hilarious and we really need a video.

Story 4: Speaking of videos, just now, only moments ago, Amelie was standing up next to the sliding glass door (one of her favorite spots). I thought, "I should really take a picture of this," and before I could go get the camera, she turned around and stepped toward me! She took 8 steps in a row!

Story 5: She still hasn't said "Mama." Right now, her favorite noise is "Blub, Blup," which seems to me to be more difficult than "Mama," but what do I know?

1 comment:

  1. Flushing the toilet, dancing, walking 8 steps, saying "blub!" Wow! She is a busy girl. Can't wait to see her. Love the new blog look.