Saturday, January 11, 2014

Amelie Says

Amelie wanted one of the $2 bottles of individual juice by the produce. Sam said we weren't going to get that kind because they cost a lot of money. Amelie's reply? "We have a lot of money." Bwahahahaha.

We were reading The Twits by Rohl Dahl and came to the part where Mr. Twit wants to make a boy pie. Amelie jumped up off the bed, hid behind the curtain, and said, "I think we should skip a few pages." So we did.

Amelie was saying something in the double stroller, so I stopped it and walked around where I could see and hear her to ask what it was. She replied, "I'm just talking to myself." 

I made James a banana-almond milk-honey-tahini smoothie for breakfast and Amelie wanted to know what the ingredients were, so I told her, and she asked, "What was that last word again?" 

We came down to the bootheel to visit my mom since Sam had a conference in New Orleans. He asked Amelie if she'd miss him while we were gone, and she reasoned, "No, because Nana Jana and Aunt Holly and Grandma Doris will be there."