Friday, May 27, 2011

One Year

Amelie had her one-year well baby checkup today.

She got shots in both legs and had blood drawn from both arms, so she's wandering around looking a little traumatized. She got to come home and have ice cream for being such a brave girl, so I think she's doing okay now.

Weight: 18 pounds 6 ounces (up a pound and 8 ounces from last visit, but she's still pretty petite -- right around the 10th percentile)
Length: 27 and a half inches (up an inch and a fourth since last time, between the 5th and the 10th percentiles for height)
Head Circumference: 45 and a half centimeters (with a giant, genius-sized head!)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Amelie turned one on Saturday, May 21st (at approximately 2:20pm). She's so sweet that she celebrated twice -- once on Thursday when her Grandma & Grandpa Buffaloe were up visiting and Aunt Barb, Uncle Luke, and Cousin Ellie could join in on the fun and once on Saturday when she was down in the Bootheel.

We owe a great big thanks to Aunt Barb for helping to take some great pictures!

"Let me adjust my hat."

"Yea! Birthday Party!"

Opening presents!

Aunt Barb looks festive, but Ellie's thinking, "Why don't I get to eat pizza and cupcakes? Hmmm?"

Family Photo

"What is this? And why haven't I had any before now?"

Amelie ate her first cupcake very politely. We were all surprised, but she didn't smear frosting on her face or in her hair or anything.

We all went over to see Great-Grandma Doris and Great-Paw-Paw LeRoy on Saturday. Aunt Tara, her sister-in-law Carla, and Cousins Darri, Kendra, and James were also there to help celebrate with cupcakes, party hats, and ice cream.

Paw-Paw was interested in all the fuss. (He was also playing solitaire.)

"I'm getting a cell phone for my birthday, right?"

Out of all the presents, the birthday cards that played music were probably Amelie's favorite gift.

"I could get used to this cake thing."

Happy first birthday, baby!

Nana Jana's Dress

Great-Grandma Doris saved one of the baby dresses that Aunt Tara and Nana Jana wore when they were tiny, and we decided to see if it would fit Amelie.

It did.

Happy Baby

Friday, May 20, 2011

Video Overload

In the past week, Amelie has started walking quite a bit more. Here's how she was toddling around just before a year.

She can also put her blocks back in the bin (with perhaps a little more force than is strictly necessary).

In another exciting development, she can bounce her ball, complete with a touchdown dance for a successful pass :)

Happy Graduation, Dada!

On Sunday, Dada graduated from law school!

Grandpa Buffaloe wore a very entertaining bolo tie.

It was a little rainy afterwards, and Grandpa had to hold the umbrella so Grandma could take a quick picture.

We all went out to celebrate at the Japanese hibachi grill. Amelie enjoyed the show.

Amelie was very proud.

It was quite the occasion.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Being Cute

See, here's the scoop.

First up, the usual shots of Amelie grabbing at the camera:

The adorable cupcake onesie is from Nana Jana.

I like how she sticks her tongue out in concentration.

Playing with an elephant puppet from Nana Jana.

The kitchen cabinets are tons of fun.

Wearing a zombie snack t-shirt from Cabell.

Friday, May 13, 2011


This video post comes courtesy of Aunt Barb.

Amelie likes to push the music button on Ellie's exersaucer and then get her groove on. Ellie looks so happy! She just likes Amelie and her toys.

Flat Madi

Flat Madi came to Columbia, Missouri in a flat, brown envelope.

I opened her up and said, "Hello!" but we were going on a trip down to the Bootheel of Missouri, and so Flat Madi went right back to being folded up, and she was put in a suitcase that was put in a car that headed down to Bernie, Missouri.

When Flat Madi got to Bernie, it rained and rained and rained and rained. There was even a tornado.

Flat Madi was so relieved to get back to Columbia and to get out of the rain that she relaxed outside on the deck. "Ahhhhh," said Flat Madi. "That's better!" She could see a birdhouse with a family of birds in it in the backyard.

Flat Madi was introduced to baby Amelie (who is not even one year old).

Baby Amelie was very curious about Flat Madi, and especially about how she was so flat.

She decided to let Flat Madi play with her toys. Flat Madi drove the push toy ....

Then she read a book ....

And then she was Queen in the land of the giant Legos!

After all of that playing, Flat Madi was worn out! She was ready to hop back in the envelope and go back home.

Bye, Flat Madi! We hope you had fun in Missouri!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Today was a fantastic first Mother's Day!

The day started with flowers and a new book, then Dad took baby on a walk to the store so that Mama could sleep in until 9:00. It was glorious.

We had pancakes (Mama), pizza (Dad), and potatoes and fruit (Baby) at Sophia's.

Amelie wore a pretty new dress from Nana Jana.

Baby girl loves to spend time outside, and the weather was perfect.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Grandma Mary Beth sent Amelie some western gear (kind of).

It looks like she's doing the two-step.

When do you think she'll get some cowboy boots?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mish-Mash of Things

On Friday (when the weather was nice), Amelie and I went on a walk with Liz and her baby Parker, and we saw geese and goslings at Cosmo-Bethel park.

Look! Baby geese!

We also got a big box of Duplos (and a kiddie pool) at a yardsale.

Then today, I made panda bread.

Aunt Barb took this adorable picture of Amelie and Ellie while she was babysitting:

The reason Aunt Barb was babysitting was so that Sam could do this:

And, just to complete the mish-mash, I'm not sure when this was from.