Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Amelie turned one on Saturday, May 21st (at approximately 2:20pm). She's so sweet that she celebrated twice -- once on Thursday when her Grandma & Grandpa Buffaloe were up visiting and Aunt Barb, Uncle Luke, and Cousin Ellie could join in on the fun and once on Saturday when she was down in the Bootheel.

We owe a great big thanks to Aunt Barb for helping to take some great pictures!

"Let me adjust my hat."

"Yea! Birthday Party!"

Opening presents!

Aunt Barb looks festive, but Ellie's thinking, "Why don't I get to eat pizza and cupcakes? Hmmm?"

Family Photo

"What is this? And why haven't I had any before now?"

Amelie ate her first cupcake very politely. We were all surprised, but she didn't smear frosting on her face or in her hair or anything.

We all went over to see Great-Grandma Doris and Great-Paw-Paw LeRoy on Saturday. Aunt Tara, her sister-in-law Carla, and Cousins Darri, Kendra, and James were also there to help celebrate with cupcakes, party hats, and ice cream.

Paw-Paw was interested in all the fuss. (He was also playing solitaire.)

"I'm getting a cell phone for my birthday, right?"

Out of all the presents, the birthday cards that played music were probably Amelie's favorite gift.

"I could get used to this cake thing."

Happy first birthday, baby!

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