Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sick Baby

Amelie's home sick with hand, foot, and mouth disease. She's got red bumps on her hands, feet, and mouth ... and her legs and all around her diaper.

Here's that sick baby ...

It's not very dangerous, but it is very contageous and Amelie needs a little extra attention, so she'll stay home from daycare with Dada tomorrow.

We missed out on story time today, but we both got some fresh air on a walk.

Amelie had a peach smoothie, a popcicle, some half-frozen blueberries, lots of grapes, yogurt, and her much-beloved noodles today -- soft and cool food is supposed to be a little easier on the sores around her mouth.

Poor thing! We hope she feels better very soon!

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  1. Poor Amelie -- we hope she feels better very, very soon.