Monday, September 15, 2014

James Starts Daycare

James started daycare today! He wouldn't stand still for a photo in front of the house.

We hung out at daycare together for a while on Friday, but today I was dropping him off for a slightly shortened day without me. (I talked to the teacher and hung out some more reading books to kill some time afterward, but Amelie was not happy about being picked up early!) This was before we went in: 

James is starting to look a little hesitant. Hmmm. What's going on?

 He got pouty-lipped when I wanted him to go into the classroom, but he ended up following me and Amelie in with just a little hesitation. Unbelievably, there were no tears at drop off. I left him playing with Amelie and the teacher and waited a while in the hall, and it all sounded good.

I got a call after he'd been there an hour, which was alarming, but it was just a good report. I went to get him early today (he's scheduled to stay from 9am to noon on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays) and when I waited in the hall, everyone was playing happily. He did start crying when I picked him up, though. The teacher gave a wildly enthusiastic report (perhaps because I'd lowered her expectations! I thought he'd freak out.) She did say he went down to Amelie's room to give her a hug and calm down once. I'm afraid that it's going to go worse at drop-off on Wednesday since now he'll know what's up, but hopefully it'll go smoother throughout the day.

Here's the link to when I wrote about Amelie's first day of daycare for comparison.

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