Sunday, September 21, 2014

Heritage Fest

We took the kids out to the Heritage Festival at Nifong Park yesterday. Our good friend Shauna took Amelie for the day when I was in the hospital with James and they went to the Heritage Fest, but Sam and I (and James, of course) had never been before.

James's favorite part might actually have been the shuttle ride over. He's a huge fan of riding the city bus as well.

Sam could still do the stilts.

 I don't wear James terribly often anymore, but he still fits okay in the Ergo and enjoys riding on my back.

Amelie successfully campaigned for cotton candy. I gave her the money and let her order it from the food truck, and when the woman asked what she wanted, she shouted, "Pink!"

James had some, too. I'm pretty sure he learned the word "candy" at daycare on Friday. He said, "Mo can-nee now ... mo pink."

And then we took a hayride.

We were just there three hours or maybe a little under, but it wore everyone out and so we came home and took a nap.

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