Wednesday, October 1, 2014

James Says

James has started saying "Am-a-wee" instead of his usual "Ahm" to indicate his sister.

He was on a kick where everything bad that happened was "Ahm"s fault, and he tripped and fell and shouted "Bad Ahm!" even though she had nothing to do with it.

He also is trying hard to communicate stories to me about what happened when I wasn't with him. The inlaws were over for dinner a while ago while I was teaching class and the next morning, he told me, "Papaw come ... Luke come ... Bahb come ... Benny come ... Grandma Mary come ... Ellie come ..." Also, we took the city bus out to the library and the mall and he told Sam all about it when he got home, "Blue bus! City bus!"

As Sam is wont to say, James doesn't have any self-esteem issues. As soon as he accomplishes anything, he raises both hands up and shouts, "I did it!"

If he doesn't like a food, he says it's "too spicy."

James is sometimes comically polite. When I buttoned up his shirt for school pictures, he said, "Tankoo, Mama," and then when I brushed his hair, he said it again, "Tankoo, Mama."

Last night, he was trying to climb on my legs, using them as a ladder over to the other chair they were propped up on. "Careful, Mama!" he said, then, "Careful, James." 

He's been trying very hard to sing "Happy Birthday" and "This Little Light of Mine" and "Ring-around-the-rosey." When I sing "Old MacDonald," I pause so that he can tell me which animal to do next. My favorite request so far has been "Baby Penguin!" 

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