Friday, October 31, 2014

Pumpkin Carving

I searched the blog for photos from past years' pumpkin carvings, but I only found this one. I'm pretty sure we've carved a pumpkin every year. Anyway, the kids are all set and ready to go!

Amelie's goofy face.

James and his goofy face.

Take two. 

Now we're getting down to business. They look so serious!

James liked putting the lid on and taking it back off (though he seemed slightly confused by it). It's kind of like a puzzle.

We carved on Tuesday (and we've already eaten all of the seeds). You can see who did most of the work sorting out seeds from "guts" as Amelie called them. I was busy taking pictures.

The finished product.

You can tell I don't know much about photography because this was so interesting to me. The picture above is with the flash off and the picture below was with the flash on. They were taken just a few seconds apart.

Happy Halloween, all!

P.S. The squirrels have started chewing on the one in front already, but I think it just makes it look slightly creepier.

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