Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bootheel Visit

We got to see Grandpa Bob while we were in the bootheel (and his dog, Sadie - Amelie and Sadie were very exited to see each other). Isn't this a good picture?

At Grandma Doris's they played the touch-screen game. I think we have about a million pictures of people playing it. 

"Cheese!" he says. I couldn't get both James and Grandma Doris to look at the camera at the same time.

They were not quite as cooperative as they were with Grandpa Bob in getting a photo, but I like this one.

James was being rotten, but we were all laughing at him anyway.

Nana Jana


  1. Wonderful pictures! It looks like the kids really enjoyed their family time!

    1. Thanks! I need to get a copy made of the one of Grandpa Bob to send to him, but then that makes me think I should print out some others while I'm at it, and then I procrastinate :)