Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!

This year, Amelie wanted to be a bat for Halloween. Then she amended it to being Martin Kratt from the PBS show Wild Kratts wearing a bat creature powers suit. That really wasn't any extra work for me, so with pressure from Sam I decided to roll with it. 

I'm most proud of the creature power disk that she can take off and put back on with velcro.

On the way to the school party. Thanks to our friend Sally D for figuring out how to get the ears on. I tried with two kinds of headband, but they looked more like bunny ears than bat ears (and flopped over). She suggested using a knit cap and that worked out great (plus we can take the ears off and reuse it).

We didn't ask James what he wanted to be (next year, folks!) because I didn't want to risk a last-minute change of mind so he went as Super James. There was a mask to go with the costume, but he said, "Don't like it," and took it off, even when I just tied it around his forehead like a headband. 

Super James

You knew this was coming. 

It was remarkably difficult to get a picture of them together. They were just too darn excited to get started.

Trick-or-treating! All four of us went to three houses, but then James got scared by a goblin decoration. "Too scary!" so he and I came home and passed out candy to the rest of the trick-or-treaters. Amelie and Sam kept going and went all the way around the neighborhood.

Waiting at our neighbor Ann's house. James thought we should go inside.

James eating candy. The Halloween Amelie was 2.5, we gave her two pieces of candy and then ate the rest ourselves. With an older sibling, that sort of deception is harder to pull off.

Amelie contemplates the goodness of a Milk Dud.

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