Sunday, November 23, 2014

Amelie Says / James Says

Amelie may have figured out that some advertising is deceptive. About the cereal in her bowl she said, "Why are these so small compared to the picture?" 

I was getting Amelie ready for bed and I asked her if she wanted socks, to which she replied, "I only wear socks on special occasions."

The kids have been getting along and playing together (for a long time!) a lot better lately. Last night Amelie said of James, "I like him now." 

The kids were having a jumping contest, so Sam was telling them about the time he broke his foot having a jumping contest. He said, "You've never broken a bone, have you?" and after I said no, Amelie chimed in with "Nor I!" (we couldn't figure out which book that must have come from).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sam figured out that James thinks it's an "eye-brown" instead of an "eyebrow."

I was reading the kids the most recent National Geographic for Little Kids and when I got to the page about an arctic fox, I read, "Blah blah Arctic Fox blah ..." and James argued back and forth with me five times that it was a "Dog! That a dog!" 

James calls Amelie's favorite show "Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild Kratts." 

James has a pretty impressive vocabulary, but he's only been saying short sentences, mostly three-word strings. Until this gem, "I wanna arshmellow an a doughnut, too, Mama."

I asked James, "How ya doin', Bub?" and he said, "I name JAMES!" like I didn't know.

On Nana Jana's birthday, I called and attempted to have the kids sing "Happy Birthday" (they cooperated before she picked up the phone). James started the conversation out by saying, "Whatchoo talkin bout, Nana Jana?" which was promising, but then he just kept yelling "Talkin bout Jana!"

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