Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Amelie Says / James Says

Amelie commented, "A bunch of people have signed up for Christmas," when she saw how many houses had lights.

Later, when we passed a house covered in Christmas lights with a particularly big display of carolers, penguins, reindeer, and a nativity out front, Amelie said, "Wow, they must really love Christmas." 

On Christmas Eve, Amelie went to bed around 8pm as usual. At 9pm, as I was starting to get all the last-minute things together, she came out of her room and said, "You guys are going to tell me when it's morning, right?" 

Amelie: What are we having for lunch?
Me: Mac and cheese
Amelie: Does it have peas in it?
Me: Uh huh
Amelie: Yesssss!

When making our grocery list for the week, Sam asked if Amelie wanted anything in particular for dinner. "Yes, but I can't think what it is." And then she walked away. That's that.

There was a package of gummy bears from the Candy Factory in the kids' stockings. James found his and yelled, "Vitamins!" 

I suppose that's a good segue into our poison control story. Amelie and James were suspiciously quiet when I was making them pancakes. I found them hiding, huddled together, eating nearly half a container of gummy vitamins, which one of them had thieved from the counter and opened the childproof (ha) lid for. The poison control line said there was no iron in them and they have to purposefully package them so that a single child would have to eat more than a full container for it to be toxic (thank goodness) but then of course no one wanted from-scratch pumpkin pancakes.

James to me: "I sneezed. Say Bless You!" 

James came up to me without any pants on. "What happened to your pants?" I asked. "I taked em off," he explained. When I asked if he was going to put them back on, I got "No!" accompanied by an actual stomp of the foot.

I was reading a wildlife card to James with a photo of an elk on the front, but he said, "No. It a reindeer." I told him that on the back it said it was an elk. To this piece of information he says,  "Me read the back." He took the card from me, turned it over, pretended to read, and said, "It a reindeer. Rudolph reindeer had a shiny nose."

I told James that he smelled and he said, "NO! YOU smell." 


  1. That's pretty clever of the gummy vitamin manufacturer. Glad they're ok. And funny.

    1. Neither of them wanted breakfast, and James didn't really eat lunch, either, but other than that, they don't seem any worse for the wear. We're on vitamin hiatus.