Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas in Columbia

Hey, we had a (somewhat more low-key) Christmas at home, too. The kids got a big bag of books from Scholastic. James doesn't look too pleased.

We wrapped up the dollhouse people. "Papaw!" he said.

We just put the dollhouse under a blanket. This is the dollhouse Grandpa Bob made for me when I was a kid. I wallpapered most of the rooms on Christmas eve when James was napping. When I had it, I played with it for a long time - maybe through 5th grade (and then used it as a bookcase until I went to college). I hope the kids get a lot of use out of it, too. They played with it for hours on Christmas day.

I made a video that I'll try to put up later. Unfortunately, I didn't catch on camera the time Amelie was saying, "Oh, no! The dada fell off the cliff!" when she knocked him off the coffee table.

Aunt Holly contributed the living room furniture and Aunt Barb gave us the spiffy buffalo head decoration. (It really makes the room, doesn't it?) I think the rest of the house needs some art on the walls, too, so that's my next project.

Their other joint gift was a traffic mat, and they played with it for a long time, too. (Both toys have now moved into the play room - more on that later.) 

Clothing-optional Christmas.

There was just too much excitement and James had to have his nap in the middle of the floor. 

We went over to the kids' cousins' house that afternoon and played with their dollhouse :)

And read books.

Two times the trouble.

Uncle Luke put the kids' food on their plates to cool off before we ate, so of course they started eating it and were done pretty much right after the adults sat down at the grown-up table.

The kiddie table is where it's at, anyway.

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