Tuesday, January 13, 2015


As I alluded to earlier, we brought my great-aunt Helen's twin beds up to Columbia right before Christmas with the plan to create a bedroom and a playroom for the kids instead of having them in separate rooms.

Amelie had been sleeping on a trundle, and James was still in the crib, so it was a move up for both of them. The first night they were in the room worked out beautifully, but since then it's been hit or miss. Twice I've found them in a nest on the floor in the morning. James still wakes up sometimes and comes to our room, too. (And they do sleep all night in their own beds occasionally!)

Here's Amelie in her Elsa dress from Aunt Tara. Thank you!

Anyway, it freed up the other bedroom for a toy room, and that has worked out really well in keeping the mess contained (and giving them a nice open space to play).


  1. My two love sharing a room too (well, most of the time). Jonah still joins us in the middle of the night but Lucy told me she doesn't like that because she misses him. And I'm a bit jealous of the playroom!

    1. Oh, so sweet :) I'm a little surprised that James hasn't woken Amelie up (knock wood) but that was Sam's main fear & it hasn't been a problem.

      The playroom is great!