Friday, January 2, 2015

Bead Toy

Amelie got a bead toy from her Uncle Jeff & Patti for Christmas. She was itching to play with it, but I didn't want to get it out until we were at home since there were small pieces. And then the day after we got home she saw it still in the truck and wailed, "We FORGOT to do the beads when we got home!" So anyway, we did them:

Dada and James coloring. He was jealous of the beads.

She did two different designs (these were printed on cards that stuck behind the trays). It's really similar to a bead thing I did when I was a kid, but with mine we baked them in the oven to set and these got misted with water and put under a fan.

Why, yes, we did let James play with the clearly marked "for age 3 and up" toy. He used the pincer tool and Amelie used her fingers.

The finished product!

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