Monday, December 31, 2012


This is a list of the books I read Amelie today (all twice through, except Olivia, which we read three times).
Before Hansel & Gretel
Sam's Cookie
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie
Amelie and the Bumblebee
Before Hansel & Gretel
The Napping House
This is a list of books Amelie pretended to read by herself:
Things Fall Apart
 The Lady & Sons Cookbook
A Brief History of Nearly Everything
The Magic Schoolbus Blows Its Top
This is a list of books Amelie talked her Papaw Buffaloe into reading to her today at the New Year's Eve party we attended at Aunt Barb & Uncle Luke's:
 Where the Wild Things Are
Mother Goose 

Thanks to Karie for Before Hansel & Gretel -- we like it a lot! And to Aunt Lana for The Napping House, and to Grandma Mary Beth for Sam's Cookie, and to Nana Jana for Amelie and the Bumblebee!

We read a lot of books every day, but I think the snow day and the long day due to staying up for the party lead to us reading a few more than average. (And I feel like I'm forgetting one, too.)

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