Friday, December 7, 2012


Amelie's running commentary on the movie Brave.

She's going somewhere else.

She has a little stick.

Water goes down.

She's drinking it.

They're birds!

Her mama called them wisps.

 Last morning she was inside his door.

It's a bird.

She's putting something on the door.

Um, the bear. Um, a mean bear.

It sometimes roars at the little girl.

The girl, um, needs, she needs a witch to come on!

The bear leave the girl down.

She get cold and it start to rain.

She needs the witch to come on.

But they leave in the forest.

She told the bear that.

They're singing.

She sees the water.

Bears eat fish like penguins eat fish, yeah.

The girl is trying to give the bear a fish to eat.

She splashed in the water.

It's the bear. There comes the bear. It ate it.

Her bear scared this wisps. He likes to scare the wisps!

The little girl has bare feet to walk in and they're walking over the mountain.

Big crash and she fall. She's not hurt anymore.

She's trying to look for the bear.

Is she taking a ride on the bear?

And they can't go another inch.

This is a movie. We are watching it.

The girl was calling, "Wisps!"

The girl was in the forest with the bear.

Her bear start.

She called the wisps are in the forest to the wisps to come on.

She got her bear.

She's cleaning up.

She's riding with her little teddy bear to look for wisps-es.

Now there's the wisps.

It is back at home with her mama.

It's a little wisp.

I want to watch the movie again. Watch it one more time?


  1. That is so funny. Did you even get to enjoy the movie?

  2. Hilarious. Did anyone else get to enjoy the movie?

  3. Wish we'd gone. And what are wisps?

    1. We rented (redboxed!) the movie. Wisps are fairy-type things -- it's an Irish legend.