Sunday, December 30, 2012

La Petite Ecole

Some photos of what Amelie does at school (besides listen to French). I'm pretty sure most of these were taken by the French intern at school -- I picked out the ones that just show Amelie and her classroom to share here.

I'd like a smock like this one for home! Fingerpainting.


I'm pretty sure Amelie's favorite part of the day is recess.

A bunch of the kids like these cars. They pretend to put gas in them.

Play-dough: always a hit.

Hers is the middle top one -- I'm actually surprised that she didn't just stick all of the stickers on top of each other.

Painting pumpkins.

Cleaning up.


Looking at books.

Even more painting -- always a fun activity.

More looking at books:


I hear the baby dolls are quite the hot commodity in her room (6 two-year-old girls!)

Amelie's first semester at preschool was a definite success. I'm conflicted about what we'll do next year, though, since it looks like there isn't a part-time option for three-year-olds. I think continuing to go 9 hours a week would be just about perfect, and I'm not sure that I want to give her up every morning just yet!

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