Sunday, December 16, 2012

Not Quite Thumb-Sucking

Hey, what's this?

Let me get a better look at it.

Yeah, still there.

I wonder ...

Hey! I found it! Sucking on my fist!

Or am I supposed to use the back of my hand?

Oh, wait, were you taking photos of me just then?

Playing it cool.



  1. He is so chunky compared to Amelie! Is he going to be a redhead?

    1. I keep saying he is SO BIG, but really that's probably just because Amelie was SO SMALL. He's still in 3 month clothes and everything, but it sounds weird to say he is SO AVERAGE :)

      Too early to tell with the hair, I think -- Amelie's wasn't red yet in her 3 month pics, either.