Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Comparison Photos

It's never too early to start comparing your children to each other, is it?

I put my belly photos up side-by-side to compare on Facebook, but I guess I never did here on the blog.

I think I carried a little larger and a little lower with this pregnancy, until this mysterious photo.

James weighed three whole pounds more than Amelie did at this appointment -- he was almost two weeks older, since we postponed it a little due to Thanksgiving, but that's still a big difference when you're 10.5 or 13.5 pounds!

 The pumpkin onesie was a hand-me-down from the kids' cousin Rylee. I think we've gotten some pretty good use out of it -- and how lucky that it fit Amelie at 5 months and James at 6 weeks.

Amelie would basically only sleep swaddled. James will drift off without it, but we have better luck at night and for his long nap if he wears one. We've gotten lazy and are just using the fancy ones with velcro and extra flaps and things. With Amelie a lot of the time (especially at first), we'd just use a regular blanket.

 They may even be wearing the same sleeper in both of these photos, too. The vibrating chair no longer vibrates, but it's still pretty handy!

 I think both kids enjoyed their first baths a lot more than these pictures would lead you to believe. I gave Amelie her first bath and Sam gave James his.

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  1. I love it. And how much does Amelie still look like that 1st Halloween picture??