Tuesday, January 1, 2013

James's Day

I periodically kept track of Amelie’s activities throughout the day when she was a baby. (Here’s the link to one I did when she was almost3 months old.)  I’ve started to do it with James on a few different days, but always got sidetracked. Yesterday, I managed to keep up with the record all day -- but it wasn’t a very typical day for James at all! He didn't sleep well during the day, and then we went to a New Year’s party and things got even more off schedule. Some of the details are a little more vague during the party, but the basics are all accounted for. This is a 24-hour period when James was 3.5 months old.

December 31st
7:15am - fussing in bassinet
7:18am - nursing-dosing in bed
8:00am - new diaper
8:05am - waiting/playing patiently in bed
8:30am - dressed for the day
8:45am - joins Mama & Sister for breakfast by sitting in the bumbo at the big table (yesterday was the first day we tried the bumbo, and James liked it for about 10 minutes)
9:00am - floor time
9:05am - fussy
9:10am - calmed by Mama shaking a rattle
9:15am - walking tour of the house with Mama
9:25am - working out in the play gym, grabbing at things, grabs the rattle and can’t let go
9:30am - fussy, Mama removes the rattle
9:35am - still fussy
9:40am - nurses, acting tired, gets oiled up
9:45am - diaper, swaddled, protesting, put down for nap in swing
9:50am - pacifier re-inserted, betrayed face
9:55am - pacifier re-inserted, asleep-crying
10am - asleep for morning nap despite Sister running around like a madwoman
11:05am - Sister barges in, opens eyes, miraculously goes back to sleep
11:15am - just kidding! Awake, end-of-the-world crying
11:16am - new diaper, chilling out on the changing table
11:20am - nurses
11:35am - fussy
11:40am - reads a book in bed with big Sister
11:50am - fussy
11:52am - walks around the house with Mama
Noon - quickly stepped out to see the snow, didn’t like it
12:01pm - another lap around the house
12:05pm - tummy time
12:06pm - done with that!
12:07pm - fussy
12:10pm - new diaper, oiled up again, hanging out on Mama’s lap
12:30pm - joins Mama & Sister for lunch, again in the bumbo
12:36pm - tired of the bumbo, finishes lunch on Mama’s lap
12:40pm - reads a book with Sister on the couch
12:45pm - drifts to sleep during the book (it must have been boring)
12:48pm - attempted to transfer the sleeping baby to the bassinet for nap
12:50pm - not having it, swaddled & put in swing, immediately falls asleep
1:30pm - What do you mean you put me down for a nap without feeding me????! Nurses a long time, sleepy, put back in the swing
1:45pm - crying
1:46pm - largest poop in the world, part 1   
1:41pm - part 2
1:54pm - oiled up, new diaper, new outfit
2:00pm - happy playing on bed with washcloth, Schroeder joins us
2:10pm - cuddles Mama
2:20pm - tummy time
2:21pm - practicing standing & making Very Loud Noises
2:31pm - hanging out on Mama’s lap, playing with blanket
2:45pm - nurses, drifts off 
2:55pm - another attempt to put the baby down in the crib
2:59pm - swaddled in swing -- takes a 2 hour nap!
4:39pm - awake, new diaper, end-of-the-world crying
4:49pm - swaddled, nurses
5:10pm - unswaddled, new outfit, hanging out on couch
5:30pm - poop! New diaper, hanging out on bed
5:45pm - nurses to top off before the party, dozing off 
6pm - braves the cold, snapped into carseat, fusses on the car ride over
6:10pm - arrive at party
6:15pm - actually make it inside with all baby accoutrement. Happy, hangs out with Dada, Papaw, Grandma
6:50pm - fussy, Mama wears the baby in the wrap
7:15pm - asleep in the wrap, tries to transfer to the bouncy seat, fails, awake, nurses, put down in bouncy seat to nap
8:30pm? - awake! New diaper, nurses, swaddled, bounced in chair
8:50pm? - bounced in the chair while awake & happy to join the rest of the party
9:30pm - falls asleep in the car on the way home
9:40pm - arrives home, disposable diaper for overnight
9:45pm - nurses
10:00pm - bounced in chair
10:20pm - Dada gives a 2 oz bottle, bounced some more
10:45pm - asleep
11:20pm - back awake! Wants to ring in the new year!
11:50pm - didn’t quite make it, back asleep
1:00am - Awake! Desperate times call for desperate measures. Nursed & put back to sleep in the swing. Sleeps for 6.5 hours
7:30am - awake, nurses in bed, happy

Grand totals:
Asleep -  13 hours, 8 min
Fussing - about 1 hour, 20 min
Diapers - 10
Wardrobe Changes - 3
Nurses - 11 times
Bottles - 1

Happy New Year!

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  1. Fantastic. My favorite is the betrayed face. I forget how complicated they are when they're little. (every time. how many kids do I have? and how long has it been since this happened to me?)