Thursday, August 12, 2010

Amelie's Day

I decided to keep track of all of Amelie's activities again -- maybe I'll do this once every month or so. Here is a play-by-play of everything that Amelie did for a day (about a 24 hour period starting last night -- I know that's a little strange, but hey, it's what worked out).

If you'll note, there are some changes from last time, but some things are still the same.

Amelie’s Day Starting 8/11/2010
8:45pm ~ Asleep when mom gets home from work, and sleeping peacefully in her bouncy chair on the dining room table as mom and dad eat supper.
9:15 ~ Wakes up ready to eat!
9:35 ~ Gets a new diaper and is swaddled up for bedtime.
9:45 ~ After being patted on the back, grudgingly accepts being laid to bed in the bassinet.
9:55 ~ Stares in fascination at dad’s bedside lamp, gets a pacifier, goes to bed for real.
10:00 ~ Sleeping sweetly.
3:00am ~ Wakes, nurses, right back to bed.
6:00 ~ Waking-up noises, re-inserts pacifier, will have none of it.
6:02 ~ Breakfast!
6:30 ~ Back asleep.
7:30 ~ New diaper, new outfit, ready for the day.
7:40 ~ Calm, talking and smiling at dad on the couch, walking around looking at things, begins to get fussy.
7:50 ~ Thinks maybe she wants to swing in the swing … but no.
8:00 ~ Second breakfast
8:13 ~ Hanging out in the bouncy chair, awake, smiling.
8:40 ~ Watches Teen Wolf 2 with dad.
9:40 ~ Nurses (Third breakfast? Pre-lunch?)
10:00 ~ A little fussy, walking around.
10:10 ~ Sleeping in the bouncy chair.
10:45 ~ Wakes up happy, new diaper.
11:00 ~ Being cute.
11:15 ~ Boppy tummy time – nearly 15 whole minutes with just minimal protest, a new record.
11:30 ~ Fussy time.
11:40 ~ Nurses.
11:45 ~ Sleeping in the bouncy seat listening to the apparently soothing hum of the bathroom fan.
11:50 ~ Thinks "Oh, no! Where’d the pacifier go! Okay, okay, there it is … I’m okay." Back asleep.
12:55 ~ Making funny noises, but apparently still asleep.
3:30 ~ Awake and confused, nurses, all better, loses socks at some point.
3:50 ~ New diaper, hanging out on the changing pad, lotioned up, spits up.
3:55 ~ Transferred to crib, stares at mobile.
4:15 ~ Good mood, new socks.
4:30 ~ Trip to the grocery store, how exciting.
5:30 ~ Returns home, nurses.
5:35 ~ Sits on the counter and watches mom and dad make dinner. It is discovered that Amelie is approximately the size of the coffee pot:

Thinks, "Dinner would be cooked faster if you'd stop taking pictures of me."

6:00 ~ Fussy baby.
6:10 ~ Nurses again, is swaddled.
6:30 ~ Sits in her bouncy chair on the dining room table while mom and dad eat dinner.
6:45 ~ Reluctantly falls asleep.
7:05 ~ Threatens to wake up.
7:10 ~ Wakes up, new diaper, nurses.
8:00 ~ Spits up on dad, wardrobe change.
8:15 ~ Swinging.
8:18 ~ Hanging out on the couch.
8:30 ~ New diaper, spit up.
8:35 ~ Swaddled and put to bed in crib. Thinks, “Hahahahahahaha, yeah right.”
8:40 ~ Rejoins mom and dad in the living room, tired in bouncy chair.
8:50 ~ Starting to nod off with dad's help.
9:00 ~ Asleep.

Grand Totals
Asleep: 13 hours, 15 minutes
Fuss/Cry: 1 hour, 10 minutes
Eats: 9 times
Wardrobe Changes: 3

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