Friday, June 2, 2017

Dr Visit

Amelie and Leah and Sam and I all went to her 7-year well-child check, which was conveniently on the last day of preschool for James but when she was already out of school for the summer (one less kiddo to cram in the exam room :)

She was 46 pounds (30th percentile) and 3 feet, 9 inches tall (5th percentile) at the appointment, up from 42 pounds and 3 feet, 7 inches at her doctor's visit last year. Dr. Swofford was impressed with the baby Hatchimal (toy that Amelie brought with us to the appointment in the background).

They gave her this frisbee as part of an effort to increase physical activity, but I think she's fine on that front. We took a health and wellness quiz at the beginning of the appointment and there were no trouble areas, so the nurse just asked her which prize she'd like. As you might imagine, it was used once as a frisbee, many times as another prop in some kind of imaginative game, and is already broken and in the recycle bin.

The girls all went to the park after the appointment (and Sam went back to work).

I should have tried to get one of Leah's many appointments scheduled concurrently, but this one was scheduled a year ago and I didn't think of it. I think we will be able to hit Leah's 6 month appointment and James's 5 year appointment at the same time, though.

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