Sunday, May 21, 2017

Brithday Interview

I think this is our fourth year running with the birthday interview. We did it some this morning and some after lunch.
  1. How old are you? Seven
  2. What is your favorite color? Turquoise
  3. What is your favorite toy? The finger-holding princess thing. It's like ... I guess I'll go get it.  (She ran to get a princess finger puppet to show me.)
  4. What is your favorite game? Hmmm. Plants Versus Zombies
  5. What is your favorite song? Peace for the World
  6. What is your favorite animal? Cat
  7. What is your favorite book? Ora the Sea Monster
  8. What is your favorite movie? I totally do not know. What are some movies that you like? I don't know!
  9. What is your favorite TV show? How to Train Your Dragon: Race to the Edge (that's exactly how she said, it too!)
  10. What is your favorite thing to eat? Noodle packets
  11. Where is your favorite place to go? Grandma Mary's
  12. Who is your best friend? I have a bunch: Hattie, Cormac, Kaitlin and also Ellie my cousin
  13. What is something you learned last year? Adding and subtracting facts
  14. What is something you'll learn now that you're 7? Times! (multiplication)
  15. What is your favorite part of school? Recess and choice time. What is your favorite special? Art and music.
  16. What is hard for you to do? Riding my bike. It stumps me. When I'm riding it, it stops and I can't get it to go again!
  17. What is your favorite thing to do? Listen to music
  18. What do you like about Me (Mama)? I love you
  19. What do you like about Dada? He's funny. Which I also do not like
  20. What do you like about James? He makes things that I really have to think about whether they are true or not
  21. What do you like about Lean? She's cute and her hair is soft and I like her ears
  22. What do you like about yourself? I have a big imagination
  23. What do you want to be when you grow up? A farmer

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