Friday, May 5, 2017

School Play

Amelie was Mother Goose in a 1st grade play at Ridgeway last night called "Mother Goose's Character Camp." She was very insistent that the costume needed a whistle.

She told me right as we were getting in the car that she had "duck legs and feet because goose legs and feet are black." And I knew that! I've seen geese! I blame pinterest, where I looked for costume ideas, and also probably the fact that Nana Jana and I put the costume together in about 15 minutes just a few days before the play.

However, she could have reminded me of this fact at some point in the costume-making process before we were literally leaving for the show! We had black leggings and black foam for the feet already!

She was a little distracted by her feathers, but she remembered all of her lines. The rest of the kids are campers, but Bo Peep and the Spider also had fun costumes. Sam and James and Leah and I all attended along with Nana Jana and the Buffaloes. The play lasted 15 minutes :) 

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