Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Professional Photos

Look at these! Aren't they great? We've been using Lollipop Photography since Amelie turned one. I'm really glad that she'll be taking Leah's baby pictures (we'll get them made again at 6 months and then at one year).

Family photo:

Notice that Leah had to change outfits already! Ha! I should have put her in a bib.

Leah looks a little suspicious:

Amelie is 7. I'd picked out more of a play dress for her, but she really wanted to wear this one instead. She also really did not want me to put her hair up in a bow. She's got opinions, that's for sure.

She's already had 7 teeth fall out - I wouldn't have known the exact number, but she's keeping track :)

James is 4. He's very photogenic.

Here comes trouble: 

I figure I'll let his hair grow this summer and then get it cut right before school starts. It was quite humid at the park. 

This may be my favorite one of the whole bunch:

I had to take a break to nurse the baby for a minute, and the kids talked Rhiannon into pushing them on the swing set.

Amelie called this her "fire hair" - which she's still insisting is "strawberry brown," a label she made up herself, but it seems fitting.

And this was the whole reason for the photo shoot! Isn't it great? Leah at 2.5 months:

I'm pretty sure she was "talking" right here: 

I think this last one's funny, too - she was tired of having her picture made, so we went home. 

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