Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rolling and Moving All Over

I walked in to find Leah like this, just chilling like I hadn't placed her in the center of the buffalo blanket.

I think she might have scooted farther, but she got stuck on the chair. At least she didn't seem upset about it at all.
I can't believe she's this mobile 2 days shy of being 3 months old.

AND THEN she rolled over back-to-front 4 days after turning 3 months old. I missed it - I'd placed her on her back and she was on her front a minute later, happy as a clam. And then she's done it 3 more times in the past 3 days. James was VERY EXCITED to see the second time. I saw the 3rd time, but didn't get a video :)  She's also scooted this far again. James does a funny impression of how she's able to do it.

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