Friday, January 13, 2017

Photo Dump

This picture dump is brought to you by the impending ice storm. I found a bunch of photos on Sam's phone and decided to upload them here.

This one is old, but never-before-published :) Since I have on a swimsuit & Amelie has on a swimsuit cover-up it was during swim lessons, and it's pretty clear James hasn't had his first haircut yet. I'm guessing June or so of 2015? We're eating frozen custard from Randy's.

And this is from Demolition Night at Adventure Club last year. James got to participate even though he's not a Ridgeway Ram just yet.

Amelie looks like a mad scientist.

 And then these are from a rest stop in Kentucky, somewhat close to Metropolis, Illinois.

And then there's this gem! How'd he get up there?

Both Sam's and my offices are closed today due to ice, and then we'll have Monday off for the Martin Luther King Holidy, too. James and I went to HyvVee and bought out all of their food on Thursday afternoon in preparation, so we're set :)

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