Monday, January 2, 2017

Arkansas Wedding

We went to Little Rock for Sam's cousin's wedding (at the beginning of November!)

This is the kids with their uncle James Cooper (one of their many uncles named James!) sitting on the blue tractor at the Buffaloe farm in Conway, Arkansas.

There was a neat bridge within walking distance of our hotel.

Amelie wore her hair in braids to the wedding:

James wore some spiffy clothes, too:

The kids had a wonderful server for the reception, who brought them 7-up with bendy straws, which is basically kid champagne, and between that and buttering the rolls, they were occupied for the entire dinner.

James was very impressed with the bride, who he thought was a princess (and the bride was very impressed with him, though in the interest of full disclosure, I think James was perhaps off his guard and much better behaved in the fancy setting than he might have been otherwise!)

I forget what we were talking about:

I think somehow we managed not to get a family photo again! Though Sam did take a selfie with the kids, it seems.

Many, many congratulations, Sarah Beth and Josh! Here are some of their lovely professional photos: Link.

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