Sunday, January 15, 2017

More Random Pictures

Okay, I'm unloading more photos from summer than never made it on the blog. I have a few more old(ish) photos, but those can be clumped into real posts more than these picture dumps.

Here's James crawling across the dinosaur bones play structure at Cosmo Park.

 And this is Amelie the very first time she climbed up on the big rock at Stephens Lake Park. She'd wanted to get up for a long, long time before she actually was able to do it without help.

James being James.

This is James in the Potter Room at church with a mask he made. Grrr.

Amelie at her last well-child check up. I think that book may make her weight check not 100% accurate.

And finally James climbing on the spider web at Shepherd Blvd Elementary School.
How's that for some summertime fun in the middle of this cold weather?

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