Friday, May 27, 2016

Last Day of Kindergarten

Amelie's last day of Kindergarten was yesterday. They got their yearbooks and Amelie says they spent "HOURS" passing them around & signing them - it's pretty cool, everyone in her class and it looks like kids from other classes all signed it.

I was looking in her closet and asked what she'd like to wear and she shouted, "MY HAMBURGER SHIRT!" even though she hasn't worn it all year.
We got her report card, and the note from the teacher at the end said, "Amelie has had a great year! I have enjoyed getting to know her and watching her grow. She has met all end of year goals. I look forward to another year of learning with her. In math class this trimester, we have worked on composing and decomposing numbers to 20, subtraction, and using data. Please continue to help Amelie practice counting independently to 100 and identifying numbers through 31. On her most recent assessment, she accurately counted to 59 and identified 21 out of 31 numbers. I have really enjoyed her in math class this year."

She'll have Ms. Hanney as her teacher next year and will stick with the same group of 11 kids who came in with her, and they'll add in a new bunch of 11 Kindergarteners to the class :)

Here is a link to her first day of Kindergarten.

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