Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Amelie Says / James Says

Amelie, to James: "I'm trying to be kind to you!"

We saw some holes that might have been made by snakes and Amelie said it was a "snake neighborhood."

She learned about the difference between fiction and non-fiction at school and I can't convince her that the comic we got in our cheerios isn't non-fiction. "It's what REALLY HAPPENED in the movie!" she tells me.

Amelie, defending chewing her backpack strap: "It exercises my teeth."

Speaking of teeth, about 20 minutes after bedtime, Amelie rushes out of the room and stops in front of me and Sam sitting on the couch. "FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I have a loose tooth!!" We laugh, and then she goes back to bed.


James, at 6:30am: "Mama, do you know what zero is? It's NUFFINK. It's a FAKE number."

A little later, he was also telling me about this important difference. "It didn't happen in real life. It happened in FAKE life."

For her birthday, Amelie got a 100-piece Shopkins puzzle that came in a Shopkins lunchbox (just a tin one to store the puzzle) and James declared, a little disappointed: "This is a lunchbox! But it doesn't have any lunch in it."

I finally got my eye-fi card to work and we were watching old videos of the kids on my computer. James says, "Where am I in this video? Am I not borned yet?"

When we had some folks over to eat barbeque and try out the fire pit, James asked Stephan who his favorite Star Wars character was (he's now seen the movie). Stephan said Luke Skywalker and James said, "Well, your character got his hand chopped off."

Also, we discovered that James can spell the names of all of the kids in his class (verbally) - they must be really working on it! It was so funny the first time he did "H - U - D - S - O - N."

He was also telling me about how Caitlin got a bloody nose and she was "very, very brave."

James's new favorite word is "actually," but then whatever he tells me is usually wrong. In the car yesterday, we were saying something about Amelie's birthday. "How many did she turn?" he asked me. I told him 6, but then he said, "Actually, it was 7."

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