Monday, May 23, 2016

Happy Birthday, Amelie!

Amelie turned 6 on Saturday!

She requested a dutch baby pancake for breakfast (she wanted one today for breakfast, too). She requested Chef Boyardee for dinner (I didn't stick a candle in that, but I thought about it).

We celebrated with a party at a gymnastics place in town. Here the kids are listening to the rules. Don't they look thrilled?

Jumping was more fun.

There were cupcakes - and we managed to fit 6 candles on one.

There were also balloons (only slightly droopy)

She had a big day with me, going to the party store to get the balloons and then Sam's club to get the juice boxes and veggie tray for the party. We made cupcakes and she got to lick the beater. Her boyfriend from school got her a Captain Underpants book, Nana Jana sent water balloons and temporary tattoos (which were a big hit), and she got to open cards from Grandma Doris and Aunt Tara.

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