Monday, May 30, 2016

Fire Pit

We built a fire pit in the backyard on Saturday in preparation for having a few folks over for Memorial Day. Sam dreamed up the plan and did the heavy lifting, but I provided support in the execution of the plan :) It turned out super awesome, and only took about 1/2 an hour and only cost about $40. DIY for the win!

The true inspiration for the fire pit was when Aunt Holly came over when Nana Jana was here and built a fire on the patch of gravel we have so the kids could roast S'mores.

Look at that good girl scout technique!

Amelie and James seem to prefer the catch-it-on-fire method.

I don't think we took any pictures of the inaugural use of the fire pit, though! Here it is right after we built it:

Sam got an extra bag of gravel in case these mysteriously go missing.

And a shout-out to Stephan for maintaining the fire through several rounds of S'mores.

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