Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Two weeks ago, I had to go to Indianapolis for work, and Sam and the kids got to come with me. We all went to the Children's Museum on Sunday and then Sam took the kids to the nature center and the Minions movie the first day of the conference and to the zoo the second day of the conference. He also took all the photos (on his phone) since my eye-fi card is still all wonky.

The kids could dress up as dinosaurs at the Children's Museum.

Playing with dino eggs.

James had a tea party with some giant teddy bears.

Amelie and the Great Wall of China.

There was a Chinese theater dress up station.

This is a cool rope playground structure.

Sister and brother at the nature center.

James dressed up as a bumble bee at the nature center. There was a lot of dress-up in Indianapolis, apparently :)

Amelie tells me they were watching a turtle  here.

We tried to do the canal walk downtown one evening, but James didn't last very long.

The tiger came right up to Amelie and James at the Indianapolis zoo. Amelie says they weren't scared because it was really neat.

The polar bear is up close, too.

Amelie liked the treehouse at the zoo.

James peeps out.

The kids were impressed with how muddy the rhinos got.

James petting a bird.

Amelie petting a shark. She says it felt smooth.

This is at the butterfly house.

We swam in the hotel pool every night, too, and that was probably as much of an attraction for the kids as anything else we'd planned. All in all, it was a good trip.

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