Sunday, September 13, 2015


We stayed at a yurt at the Lake of the Ozarks State Park over the long Labor Day weekend. It was like practice camping :)

I got a picture of the inside right before we left on Monday.

Here's our view from the front of the yurt.

View from the front of the yurt, take 2.

We had s'mores, which might have been the kids' favorite part. (Other than staying up late by the fire and not taking any baths.)

Visiting Bridal cave was probably my favorite part.

James carried a lantern on the cave tour.

This hiking trail ran along the edge of the lake around the campsite. You can see Amelie in the background of the picture, too.

James did some climbing.

This trail head was a little ways down the road from the campsite. Can you see the walking stick (insect)?

James picked up an actual walking stick to use on the path.

We went to Ha Ha Tonka to see the castle ruins.

Trapped in the dungeon. 

The castle ruins are in the background and James misbehaving in the front.
Our first trip camping was a success! We also went swimming each day at two different public beaches. One was rocky and close by the campsite and the other was sandy but a little farther away. We made bacon and eggs over the fire each morning, had sandwiches, chips, and fruit for lunch, and cooked out over the fire again for supper. Amelie and James roasted their own hotdogs (and marshmallows) one night. We might go back this fall for some cooler-weather camping, too - and if you noticed, there was a heater inside the yurt as well. 

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