Monday, September 28, 2015

James Says / Amelie Says

So far today, James has called me "Miss Mama" and his sister "Miss Amelie." Also, he was calling out for Sam (who I think was already at work) and he said, "Dada! Dada! Dada! ... Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! ... Dad! Dad! Dad! ... Sam! Sam! Saaaaaammm!"

I picked James up and said, "Wow, you're getting heavy." "That's because I growed," he answered

James wanted to plug in and unplug the bounce house. "Because I the birthday man," he said.

James wanted Sam and me to come outside to see a submarine that he drew for us. Sam asked him where the submarine would take us and James said, "It just a picture." 

James is categorically opposed to splitting a verb phrase. He regularly says things like, "Pick up them," and "Take off it!"

James said he was allergic to peanuts and I reminded him that he wasn't. "I'm allergic at school," he tells me. I guess we forgot to fill the teachers in that peanuts are fine! Oops!


In math, Amelie's class had three stations. One was doing blocks, one was doing dominoes, and one was writing numbers. Sam asked what the dominoes group did (thinking that she would explain how to play), but Amelie informed us that they built towers out of the dominoes ... which sounds suspiciously like the blocks group and perhaps also like they were not following instructions.

We asked Amelie if she was still the paper-passer-outer or if she had another job in Kindergarten now and she said she's in charge of the "pencil hospital." What's that? "I sharpen the pencils." 

We rented a bounce house for James's recent birthday party. Amelie climbed in, then stuck her head back out and pointed to the warning label printed on the side of the castle. "Now what are the rules?" she asked Nana Jana.

I was telling the kids who all was coming to the party. When I said Hattie was coming, Amelie said, "I love Hattie!" and then I said Ellie and Amelie said, "Ellie? I love Ellie!" 

We found a mystery bag of Sun Chips in the pantry that neither of us could remember buying at the store. Amelie called them our "long-lost chips."

I was making a baby blanket for my co-worker and it has a large turquoise stripe. Amelie came up to me and started patting it and exclaimed, "Turquoise! I LOVE turquoise!" Ha! I asked and she said she learned the word in Adventure Club. Sam told her that Grandma Mary also loves turquoise and she replied, "That's one thing we have in common." 

Sam told Amelie to clean up the blocks and stuff in the playroom, but when he looked in later, there were still toys scattered on the floor. "Those aren't blocks!" she protested & when he replied that she needed to clean up all of the things, she said, "Aw, man!" 

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